Community Soup and Spaghetti Dinners
Twice a year, our Ruth's Circle puts together a Soup Dinner while our LWML group puts a Spaghetti Dinner together. Come join us in serving some good ol' warm food for our community!
Sunday School
We love our kids, and we want our kids to grow in faith! This is a time for our kids to engage with God's promises. We have some wonderful volunteers who teach and serve our little ones while growing alongside with them. We see ourselves as stewards passing down onto our children the faith passed on to us. Join us for Sunday School!
Small Groups
Our small groups are gatherings outside of Sunday morning worship. We meet for a couple weeks at a time in order to grow in the Word of God together. It's a great way to get connected to people and to grow closer in relationship to one another. Join us for a small group session!
Vacation Bible School (VBS). During the summer, life slows down a bit for our kids and it's a wonderful opportunity for us to engage them with God's Word through field trips, songs, vocation. It's different than Sunday school because through this experience we want to help our kids see that God is at work through us in everyday in the ordinary things of life. Coin join us for VBS!
As the church, we're called to be the "hands and feet" of Jesus. Whether its getting involved in local community projects, through collected donations, or working on church related projects, we want to use our hands and feet to glorify God and bring the peace of Jesus to people. Come join us for a project some time!
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