Sanctuary Picture in Black and White

ST. paul's


Off of Highway 29 in central Wisconsin where farmland can be seen for miles and miles, St. Paul's Lutheran Church can be found in Thorp. The congregation was birthed in 1887 by a gathering of Christians who sought to worship Jesus and live out their faith according to the Lutheran Confessions. They were first established in a small town called Reseberg then they would later relocate north a couple of miles to Thorp where they would merge without another congregation to form what is now St. Paul's.

For generations, this has always been true: We are a people who trust in the promises of God as given to us in Holy Baptism, and so we gather to hear His Word so that we might grow in faith together. We are a group of people who love Jesus and want to live out our faith according to His Word by serving our neighbors. We are a group of people who want to share the joy we have found in Jesus with others.