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PHONE-in to our services!

Hi friends,

So as of yesterday, the entire State of WI is on lockdown aka "shelter in place" aka "Safer at home" until April 24th. Nonessential businesses will be closed and travel is restricted simply for work, doc appointments, groceries, etc. All in the hopes that we flatten the curve. We will still be live-streaming our services, no worries, as long as we (a small team of 2) abide by CDC guidelines.

An update for y'all concerning Zoom!

We've been recently using Facebook LIVE to stream our services between St. Paul's and St. John's Lutheran Churches. We are now expanding to Zoom. Zoom does NOT require a Facebook account to access the livestream. At the very least, it requires one of these two things: Internet connection OR a phone line.

Those having internet connection/mobile connection, an email will be sent out to you all. You'll find the "invitation link" that'll grant you access to Zoom when we broadcast.

Those having just a phone line, you're going to want dial 312-626-6799. Enter meeting ID when prompted 328 764 4365 then press #. When asked for participant ID press X to skip and then enjoy the service.

Any thoughts or questions, feel free to reach out!

Pastor Dan

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