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Action Plan for COVID-19

St. Paul’s Elders and St. John’s Lay Ministry EMERGENCY Covid-19 Meeting

March 19, 2020


Those in attendance: Pastor Daniel Vang, Jeff Pazckowski, Levi Wirtala, Billy Buss, Chuck Boehlke, Mark Amacher, Al Guthman, and Dave Kuhlman via Facetime.

What has been accomplished so far:

Worship service will be live-streamed through Facebook LIVE on 3/22 and 3/29 at 9am. Our midweek services will be made available on St. Paul’s Facebook account on Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Viewing and participation of these service will be accessible by locating either St. Paul’s or St. John’s Facebook page. If you are for the first time using Facebook, you must first “Like” these pages in order to access whatever is made available on these pages.

Announcements and Updates: These can be found both on the churches’ webpages and Facebook accounts and will be used regularly in order to share any further developments and expectations concerning the future. A letter concerning our present actions made the last few days concerning worship online, office hours and appointments, and mailing in offerings have posted on these online outlets and been put together and will be mailed out for snail mail.


Formulate plans for our congregations concerning COMMUNICATION, WORSHIP, and CARE for our members.



All available information and updates will be found on our Facebook pages and websites. They will also be mailed out via snail mail to our members who do not have internet access. NOTE: Have members who do not have internet access to call our parishes in order to help us identify who they are.

Our Church signs will carry our basic church information and Live Stream availability.

Pastor Dan Vang will be available during his regular scheduled hours: STP—M,W,Th 9-4pm. STJ—9:30-4pm. His cell phone number and email address have been shared via snail mail to members. Available to commune by appointment.


Worship service will be available through Facebook LIVE on Sundays at 9am. Midweek services will continue to take place on Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

Those without internet access, sermons will printed and mailed out for the time being. We are looking into implementing ZOOM and having internet-less congregants phone in to Sunday service. More details coming soon!

Alternatives to St. Paul’s and St. John’s Worship service:

The Lutheran Hour WAXX 104.5FM out of Altoona on Sundays 6:30am.

The Lutheran Hour WCCN 1370AM out of Neillsville on Sundays at 9:30am.

Zion Lutheran Church - Chippewa Falls WCFW 105.7FM at 9am.

  1. Mail-in offerings and contributions to our churches' mailing addresses.

  2. Drop them off at during office hours. THANK YOU! We are looking into alternative giving as well. i.e. Givelify and Direct-Giving (electronic giving) set up through members’ local banks.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

201 E Rusch Street

Thorp, WI 54771

St. John’s Lutheran Church

204 Division Street

Withee, WI 54498

(Mark’s report) ZOOM

free version—40 minutes

paid version—24 hours

$15 dollars a month

dedicated phone number

allows to stream for facebook live

allows to premiere

party lines—tell older folks it’s like a party line

test recording capabilities so that the sound comes out fine.

*UPDATE 3/20* St. John’s will foot the monthly bill for access

Easter SERVICE ideas/options

online service

as is.

outside parking lot/drive through—WEATHER friendly—multiple services *UPDATE 3/21*: Not a viable option. Another NWD congregation reached out to authorities concerning the possibility and it was turned down.

PA system portable

windows open

radio transmitter—Mark Amacher will look into it.

joint between St. Paul’s and St. John’s

drive—through communion

phased services

One door for entrance and one door for exit

sign up groups of 10 and slot time from 6am-3pm both Sunday and Saturday

have attendees clean up and set up for the next group


ACTION STEP—elders and lay ministers

Identify volunteers—If YOU would like to volunteer, please get a hold of pastor, elders, or lay ministry team.

Sort out members into groups called CONTACTS

Assign CONTACTS to volunteers (phone tree)


GOAL: reconnect with CONTACTS


must at least have phone to communicate

role is a good fit for those considered “high-risk”

with every conversation, follow this script asking at least these five questions:

“how are you doing?”

“are you having any difficulties/troubles today?”

“what can i do for you?”

“how can i pray for you?”

“would you like pastor to connect with you?”

AFTER connections have been made between the PHONE TEAM and assigned CONTACTS, they will meet with the pastor and ACTION TEAM to debrief concerning needs and spiritual care…


GOAL: carry out the physical tasks/requests made by high-risk members


must be considered “low-risk”

follow these instructions:

contact the member ahead of time concerning needs and how the transaction will be completed

let him/her/them know the time frame of when you plan to drop off goods

wear latex gloves when shopping for them

drop off the goods in front of their door step and ring the door bell within the appointed time frame

please also leave a note for the member as well.

THE ACTION PLAN will be set in motion ASAP in order to ensure members will be cared for spiritually and physically during this time. Any changes/modifications will be made to the plan after a number of weeks have passed in order to see what has been effective or not.

In event that Pastor Dan Vang gets sick, he will cease to provide pastoral care for the sake of the members of both churches and remain in self-quarantine. Depending on the degree of illness, he may continue with live stream videos. He will reach out to Pastor Tom Myher for assistance.

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”

Jeremiah 17:7-8 ESV

In the past couple of months, my wife and I have undergone the challenge of internalizing the Scriptures. Our first challenge was all of Psalm 1. It’s a beautiful psalm. The passage I’ve shared here with you is from Jeremiah 17 and captures the heart of Psalm 1: Our trust in the Lord is trusting in His Word.

These are certainly some strange times filled with uncertainty. You might be like me, as I’ve discovered this past week, filling your head with these daily updates from the White House or in order to find your hope. Your hope, my hope, is found in Jesus who is the Word. This is the time, as many of us all over the nation our finding ourselves at home, to fill our hearts and minds with God’s Word. Take on the task of memorizing and internalizing His good Word. Believe me, it’ll do you good, especially in the face of temptation and trial. You will be like a tree planted by streams of water. No matter the season, your leaves will never whither, nor will you cease to bear fruit. The Lord is good, even now. I challenge you all to take the time to memorize Psalm 1, internalize it, AND THEN do it—“his delight is in the TORAH of the Lord, and on his TORAH he meditates day and night.” NOTE: TORAH translates to ‘law.’ A better translation is ‘instruction’ which points to Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy which IS the Torah!

As we look to the TORAH, we see that God cares for HIS people in amazing ways. Again, in Jesus, He does even more by taking on flesh: He died, was resurrected, and poured our His Spirit upon you all. That’s amazing! The Spirit of God in you! God’s peace, my friends. Let us work together for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Dan Vang

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